A-Player8 Want to Hire this A-Player?

SummaryVery well-rounded professional woman with broad experience in service, manufacturing, banking and automotive.  Has held key management roles in both Human Resource and Finance fields and can balance people with profitability.  She has influenced and partnered with various c-level management teams to drive performance and ensure accountability for doing the right thing.  She is an incredibly talented, internally motivated person who would be a tremendous asset for any team. 

Min Salary70K Max Salary:90K
Salary Comments:Needs to be somewhere in the 70-90K range plus bonus.

Relocation:Relocation is OK.
Comments:She currently resides in central mass but is looking to move closer to western mass or will relocate to Colorado.

Education:Bachelor's in Business Administration - San Francisco State University

Other Notes:This individual is not desparate to make a move and is currently employed. She enjoys what she does but isn't being utilized and challenged enough and is commuting quite a ways to her current job and her spouse commutes to western mass, hence the motivation to make a move.
Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Energy Level: 96 Delegation90
Dominance: 53 Reflectiveness67
Decision Making: 81 Communication91
Social Skills: 68 Authority3
Mgmt Knowledge: 80 Reward28
Stability: 50 Dicipline: 63
Good Will: 63 Competing: 99
Expertise: 63 Collaboration: 9
Compromise: 3 Avoidance: 54
Mental Maturity: 91 Accomodation: 83