A-Player7 Want to Hire this A-Player?

SummaryWell-balanced HR professional with diverse industry knowledge.  Great knowledge of manufacturing environment as well as sevice and military background.  Very consistent approach and partners with management and plant staff to bridge the gap.  Capable of holding others accountable in a diplomatic style that feels good.

Min Salary70K Max Salary:90K
Salary Comments:

Relocation:Relocation is OK.
Comments:Willing to relocate most anywhere

Education:Bachelor's in Org. Leadership from Azusa Pacific University Master's of Science in HR Management from Chapman University

Other Notes:Real solid HR professional who understands mfg very well. Will build solid relationships with plant staff as well as hold management accountable for doing the right thing. Best suited for a fast-paced environment that appreciates human capital.
Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Energy Level: 90 Delegation76
Dominance: 60 Reflectiveness84
Decision Making: 18 Communication21
Social Skills: 44 Authority21
Mgmt Knowledge: 92 Reward3
Stability: 70 Dicipline: 80
Good Will: 63 Competing: 79
Expertise: 93 Collaboration: 58
Compromise: 99 Avoidance: 12
Mental Maturity: 0 Accomodation: 76