A-Player4 Want to Hire this A-Player?

SummaryHighly talented and well-educated young woman.  Very broad background and breadth of knowledge.  Has spent most of her young adult life pursuing various degrees.  Got frustrated with the medical field and decided to pursue business and her MBA.  Has spent some time in research but is very interested in a role in either operations or sales.

Min Salary50K Max Salary:80K
Salary Comments:With her education and background should probably be in a higher range but needs to start somewhere.

Relocation:Relocation is OK.
Comments:Willing to relocate anywhere for the right opportunity.

Education:Double Bachelor in Science and Arts from Umass/Amherst - 2006 MS Science in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Umass/Amherst - August 2010 MBA from Isenberg SOM at Umass/Amherst - May 2011

Other Notes:Will make a great addition to your team. Can do most of anything but would prefer a career path in business but would consider a position in the medical field for the right company. May be a great fit for hospital/medical practice administration.
Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Energy Level: 95 Delegation2
Dominance: 92 Reflectiveness67
Decision Making: 37 Communication51
Social Skills: 68 Authority3
Mgmt Knowledge: 78 Reward41
Stability: 60 Dicipline: 80
Good Will: 63 Competing: 69
Expertise: 79 Collaboration: 41
Compromise: 74 Avoidance: 22
Mental Maturity: 96 Accomodation: 46