A-Player23 Want to Hire this A-Player?

SummaryComprehensive Supply Chain expert with verifiable track record in lowering cost combined with superior customer service levels. Balances inherit competitive style with the ability to work with others on collaborative results. Able to lead and motivate those around him with an engaging personality. Expertise on a global scale in Distribution, Transportation, Customer Service, Inventory, Planning and S&OP.  A highly accomplished,  top operations executive with results-oriented leadership in global supply chain management combined with experience in turnaround of private equity-owned company. Utilizes dynamic ability to create win-win relationships with stakeholders, customers, and vendors while building strong collaborations at all levels to facilitate successful execution of high-profit initiatives. We have professionally known this individual for more than 10+ years, with him looking around results in a great opportunity for anyone interested in a Logistic's pro.

Min Salary140k Max Salary:170k
Salary Comments:plus bonus

Relocation:Relocation is OK.
Comments:Yes, with a preference to Midwest and Southeast

Education:Bachelors degree from Lewis University Romeoville, IL

Other Notes:Top notch leader, and your 1st look at a distribution professional
Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Energy Level: 96 Delegation30
Dominance: 92 Reflectiveness54
Decision Making: 99 Communication37
Social Skills: 42 Authority21
Mgmt Knowledge: 85 Reward74
Stability: 31 Dicipline: 63
Good Will: 63 Competing: 58
Expertise: 31 Collaboration: 75
Compromise: 7 Avoidance: 54
Mental Maturity: 0 Accomodation: 75