A-Player21 Want to Hire this A-Player?

SummaryThis gentleman is a well rounded individual both personally and professionally. He brings expertise, intelligence and business acumen to any team or opportunity. With experiences including sales, sales management, business development, operations management and supply chain management he demonstrates how adaptability, well placed instincts and raw intelligence can translate well from function to function. After completing his degree in Marketing at University of Rhode Island, he started a career in mortgage. A strong desire to be a part of the New York business community brought him back to his hometown where he found a new career path in the very fast paced world of electronic component distribution. He thrives in an entrepreneurial setting, having had strong mentors and was given enough latitude to build a significant and successful sales division within the company. After 11 1/2 years, he needed a lifestyle change and moved to Dallas, TX. In his current role, Global Supply Chain Management has offered him a new set of experiences and perspective. He is incredbily self-motivated, has great interpersonal skills and balances instincts with high intellect. His operating style would be classified as tough but fair with great diplomacy. David is well travelled with experiences in China, Philippines, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands & Belgium and enjoys exercising his creative spirit as a musician and cook.

Min Salary100K Max Salary:150K
Salary Comments:This individual is willing to relocate for the right opportunity but the financial needs may change according to where the position would be.

Relocation:Relocation is OK.
Comments:For the right opportunity.

Education:Bachelor's Degree in Marketing - University of Rhode IslandĀ  1995

Other Notes:This candidate is a well-rounded professional with great skills in multiple areas. Quite capable of being a key player in supply chain mgmt, sales and business development.
Primary SkillsSecondary Skills
Energy Level: 95 Delegation0
Dominance: 20 Reflectiveness11
Decision Making: 96 Communication6
Social Skills: 93 Authority38
Mgmt Knowledge: 70 Reward55
Stability: 60 Dicipline: 80
Good Will: 51 Competing: 44
Expertise: 78 Collaboration: 98
Compromise: 58 Avoidance: 3
Mental Maturity: 0 Accomodation: 62